Danish Dough Whisk - Black Walnut

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Whisk Away!

This durable Danish dough whisk can mix up anything from stiff bread dough to thick chocolate chip cookie dough. The unique spiral design can crumble streusel or blend the stickiest dough and is still easy to clean. This is a true kitchen staple and makes a wonderful gift!

Easy to Clean and Durable

This special spiral whisk design is so sturdy you could mix concrete with it! Although we recommend you mix up something tastier. The longer stem between the whisk spiral and anodized aluminum ferrule(cuff) is difficult to find among Danish whisks and it aids in better maneuverability and easier clean up. The anodized aluminum ferrule (cuff) will not tarnish.

The Perfect Gift

Treat yourself or your friend with this beautiful artisan crafted gift. The glossy gold tone ferrule and the rich wood tones make this Danish whisk extra special and suitable for almost any occasion.


  • Steel Whisk Spiral is made from durable stainless steel and is 3 inches wide (7.5cm)
  • Ideal Dimensions The whisk is approximately 14 inches long with a 1 inch stem between spiral and whisk cuff.
  • Not Dishwasher Safe Condition wooden handle with butcher block or mineral oil and hand wash and dry whisk spiral. 
  • Black Walnut Wood The handle of the whisk is constructed with Black Walnut wood and varies in tone and grain.
  • Anodized Ferrule Gold tone anodized aluminum ferrule (cuff) will not tarnish.


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2 Reviews

Michelle R Jones Dec 27th 2021

Beautiful craftsmanship

I love this dough whish, it's so well made and functional. What a beautiful gift as well.

Stephen Long Dec 28th 2020

Black Walnut Dough Whisk

I love it! It's similar to a so-called "Danish" dough whisk—invariably made in Poland, but stiffer and easier to clean.

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