Zatoba Q&A

Zatoba Quick Q&A

Why Change Your Name?

Although we continue to offer the same great products, we embarked on our journey in crafting new, high-quality and eco friendly items and adopting this new name & website allows us to move beyond the setting of a “primal kitchen” and hone our craft for the whole house.

What Does Zatoba Mean to You?

We created the word Zatoba as a definition of our artisan craft and our continuous plan to make things not just "good" but "better" The approach to our trade is creating home goods with a distinctive quality and unique personality. Innovation is key and the same applies to our name.

Will the Company Make More Changes?

The only changes aside from our name will be beta testing for new product ideas and product expansion whilst emerging ourselves into international markets. We want to make our products available to everyone globally but continue to stay local.

Do You Make Food Products?

Many customers have asked about our food products. At this time we do not sell or make any food items with exception to (grape leaves, and our Himalayan Sea Salt) Some products on the market have been associated to us based on our old name "Primal Kitchen" however, we have no association.

What is Next for Zatoba?

Zatoba has started to launch products that we never exposed to our customers previously. We have moved into other areas of the home goods marketplace to offer beautiful hand-crafted items to compliment any baker. Our Pizza Peels, Dough Whisks, and Flipping Boards name just a few. We recommend following our newsletter for future updates, events, discounts, and more.